Things to Do in Lviv, Ukraine

A Intro into the City

Lviv is a beautiful city in western Ukraine and today serves as among the major cultural centres of the nation. It’s a reasonably sized town of about 730,000 therefore it is not difficult to get around and makes for a excellent place for a city break or also the ideal destination for Back Packer’s that would like to get off the beaten trail for a little and enjoy a city which is not yet completely jaded by tourism. But there are still plenty of things todo in Lviv and you wont be getting bored!

Full of culture and history, Lviv is now Ukrayna Üniversitesi home to some of the finest temples and churches in Ukraine. It also has a broad oldtown and also a great café culture, which makes it the most perfect destination for a walk round throughout hot summer months enjoying a coffee or a beer in the afternoon.

Getting to Lviv

Lviv is served by an worldwide airport though there are currently no budget flights out of the uk. If you’re backpacking around Europe then the best and most affordable way to access Lviv is generally by bus with frequent connections to a number of major cities.

Found in Lviv

Lviv has plenty of accommodation choices to suit all budgets. Back-packers may probably feel right at home in the Kosmonaut Hostel but if you are on a strict budget and want some privacy, there are lots of other options such as the Hotel Lviv. You can find loads of accommodation options and reviews all around the Web for example a few on my site.

Entertainment in Lviv

You won’t be getting bored in Lviv with an abundance of special and specially special entertainment choices. No visit to the city could be complete without a night spent at the infamous Kriyivka pub, decorated at a WW2 partisan theme in which you need to tell a doorman toting a submachine gun the password so that it is possible to get in! Lots of fun indeed, and specially particular.

There’s also no lack of nightclubs in Lviv and also being an extremely active student city and home to a few of the country’s best universities, there truly are some amazing alternatives for enjoying the life style and meeting the locals.

After the weather is nice as it frequently is during summer, you ought to spend the evenings at a few of the numerous bars and restaurants down Svobody route or even visit a ballet or concert at the beautiful Opera House by the conclusion of the avenue.

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