Women’s Health – Straight to the Heart

If you think men are somewhat more susceptible to coronary illness compared to women, reconsider. Do not wait for a warning sign – start looking after your center now.

Statistics Daily ScannerĀ show one in three Australian women are at risk of heart attack, angina, stroke and peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Worse still, two thirds of women who die from a sudden heart attack experienced no previous symptoms, according to The Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health. Age, smoking, a lack of exercise, weight reduction, diabetes and a bad diet increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, as can genealogy and family history.

The good news is that easy changes in lifestyle can lower your odds of experiencing a stroke or heart attack, ” states Professor Susan Davis, chair of Women’s Health at Monash University in Melbourne.

Routine exercise
Regular exercise is also an vitally significant component in women’s health. “Girls will need todo moderate, endurance-type exercise 40 minutes, three days per week, and comprise greater activity in their every day lives,” says Professor Davis.

Healthy heart diet
Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables that are high in antioxidants and vitamins like folate is also crucial for heart health. There’s evidence that substituting unhealthy fats with polyunsaturated essential fatty acids found in oily fish, leafy plants, canola and coconut oil can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Give Smoking Smoking
Quitting smoking may even boost your heart health. Almost 40 percent of smoking related deaths are due to cardiovascular disease, according to NSW Health. This is only because smoking increases the artery-clogging process known as gout.

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